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Medallion Holders

Paired up with an eye-catching fish eye (pardon the pun), draft beer tower illuminated medallion holders are guaranteed to draw attention to “what’s on tap” from your bar patrons.

Elegantly shaped and shiny-looking, these medallions will add a bit of style to your draft beer tower.

Draft Tower Medallions From UBC Group

Our draft beer tower illuminated medallion holders come in the following variations:

  • Different shapes
    - S-shape
    - Classic, straight shape
  • Different finishes
    - Chrome
    - Gold

The medallion itself is clear and allows custom silkscreen printing on the flat side of the fish eye.

Wholesale Prices for Draft Tower Medallions

If you’re looking to buy draft beer medallion accessories at a wholesale price, you’re making a smart choice doing it with UBC Group.

We work with all major Canadian breweries, wholesalers/resellers, and installers, which means we can guarantee a fair price for bars, tap rooms  and restaurants.

Wholesale customers are welcome to register in order to see our wholesale prices, place orders 24/7, and also view the order history.

If you are a retail customer, please use our form here so that we could refer you to our retail distributor in your area.