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Keg Stackers & Spacers

If you are looking to optimize your keg storage space, keep the products off the floor, make it easy to move heavy items, and potentially fit in more kegs, what you need is a set of keg stackers and spacers from UBC Group.

We are one of Canada’s largest suppliers of beer equipment and offer a wide choice of beer keg stackers and spacers for all kinds of kegs.

Feel free to browse our catalog below to find the items you are looking for. If you are not sure which stacker or spacer is right for your keg or simply cannot find the item you need on the website, please contact our sales representative for a professional consultation and friendly advice.

Wide Choice of Keg Stackers and Spacers

Walk-in coolers and beer storage areas are easily turned into a disorganized mess of kegs, boxes, and pretty much anything that can get in there. Obviously, this does not provide for a quick and safe operation so that’s why you as the bar or brewery owner should always maintain these areas organized.

It’s a good thing there are tools out there to assist you in this difficult task - beer keg spacers and beer keg stackers.

Keg Spacers

A spacer allows you to stack one keg on top of another thus cutting your storage space in half giving you plenty of room for more beer! Spacers are also great because they allow you to tap both kegs at once. The additional space provided by spacers is more than enough to reach the valve with a coupler and tap the bottom keg.

Spacers are a must if you want to free up some space in your walk-in cooler and organize your storage with less handling.

Keg Stackers

Keg stackers allow you to securely stack one beer keg on top of another and optimize the storage space. The great thing about keg stacker rings is that they fit most US Sankey kegs and can be used for stacking kegs of different sizes with an adapter, which increases your possible storage options.

Both stackers and spacers are made of hard plastic able to withstand the weight of a sixtel and heavier.

Keg Stackers and Spacers From UBC Group

We are one of the major suppliers and distributors of beer equipment in Canada and offer the best price for sixtel keg stackers and sixtel keg spacers.

We ship products from two warehouses - in Ontario and British Columbia, which allows us to serve our clients fast and always get their orders on time. To see the prices for our products on the website, please create an account.

Ordering keg stackers and spacers from UBC Group means that you get:

  • No extra rates or hidden fees - only fair pricing
  • Affordable pricing and great discounts
  • Fast shipping all across Canada
  • More than just parts: we supply all the equipment you need to store, dispense, and chill your favorite beverages
  • Our warranty is one of the best in the industry

So if you’re still looking where to buy good-quality keg spacers and stackers in Canada, go with UBC Group - we have been helping Canadian breweries and homebrewers to sell more beer since 2004!