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Metro Towers

There is hardly any other type of tower that’s as monumental and rugged as Metro draft beer towers.

Often referred to as H-towers or Metropolis H beer towers, these are designed for heavy-duty use (able to serve beer through up to 16 faucets) and will last you a lifetime.

Metro towers are optimal for bars, tap rooms and restaurants with a long-draw beer dispensing system, which uses glycol as the cooling agent.

Wide Choice of Metro Towers From UBC

When shopping for a Metro draft beer tower at the UBC website, you can choose among a few models depending on the number of faucets - from 6 up to 16.

All of our Metro towers are made of highly durable stainless steel molded into a sturdy, double-pedestal form. The towers are shipped preassembled (with domestic shanks and faucets) for easier installation.

Wholesale Prices for Metro Towers From UBC

Ordering Metro towers from UBC Group is a smart choice since we work with all major Canadian breweries, wholesalers/resellers, and installers - hence, we can get you a fair price and good terms.

Wholesale customers are welcome to register in order to see our wholesale prices, place orders and buy from our shop 24/7, and also view the order history.

If you are a retail customer, please use our form so that we could refer you to our retail distributor in your area.