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Stainless Steel Pipe Towers

If you are looking to distinguish your bar or restaurant with a modern-looking, stylish and extremely reliable drought beer tower, look no further than stainless steel draft beer towers from UBC Group.

Available in a multitude of styles, finishes, and configurations, these towers will satisfy even the most demanding customers and will surely complement your bar interior.

Wide Choice of Stainless Steel Towers From UBC

We can offer you all popular styles and shapes of stainless steel towers, including some really fancy ones like these Indie beer towers or Ponte beer towers.

Our main products include:

  • Arcadia towers
  • Gefest towers
  • Indie towers
  • JG towers
  • Metro towers
  • Large pass-through towers
  • Persey towers
  • Ponte towers
  • Sun towers
  • Terra towers
  • UBC bridge towers
  • Vice towers
  • Yukon towers

Our stainless towers are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel and feature a large palette of finishes - from standard chrome to exquisite copper or gold. For most models, you get a choice between glycol-cooled and air-cooled lines.

Selected models also have an additional LED medallion option for proper branding.

Wholesale Prices for Stainless Steel Towers From UBC

Stainless towers from UBC Group are an excellent choice for bars, tap rooms and restaurants. Among our partners are all major Canadian breweries, wholesalers/resellers, and installers.

Wholesale customers are welcome to register in order to see our wholesale prices, place orders and buy from our shop 24/7, and also view the order history.

If you are a retail customer, please use our form so that we could refer you to our retail distributor in your area.