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Cask Kegs

Cask kegs are used for conditioning, storing, and dispensing real ale (aka “cask-conditioned beer”). If you’re looking to get a nice set of casks for your product, you’ve come to the right place.

UBC Group offers good-quality cask kegs for breweries and pubs. Made entirely of beverage-grade stainless steel, they come in two main sizes, commonly referred to as Pins (4.5 gallons/20.46L) and Firkins (9 gallons/40.9L).

Feel free to browse our catalog to find the cask that’s right for your needs. If you are not sure which keg to pick, please contact our sales representative for a professional consult and friendly advice.

What Is the Difference Between a Keg and a Cask?

Both kegged and casked beer is brewed the same way. The difference is in the way it is delivered. Kegged beer is usually pasteurized and sterile filtered, which means it is ready to be served right out of the keg.

Cask beer, on the other hand, is only half-ready when it is put into the cask. It has to be fermented twice - once in the brewery and once in the pub cellar. Therefore, when you get a cask full of beer, it’s not ready to be dispensed yet. The cask ale inside it needs to be vented, tapped, and conditioned by the cellar manager.

Another notable difference is that, in a cask, the beer is simply being poured out using gravity without the need to use CO2 to push the beer out.

New Cask Kegs From UBC Group

We are one of the major suppliers and distributors of beer equipment in Canada and offer a great selection of cask kegs + parts and accessories for them, including spiles, gravity dispense taps, gravity stands, keystones, and more.

Ordering cask kegs from UBC Group means that:

  • You get no extra rates or hidden fees - only fair pricing
  • Fast shipping all across Canada
  • Affordable pricing and great discounts
  • More than just kegs: we supply everything you need to store, dispense, and chill your favorite beverages
  • Our warranty for kegs is one of the best in the industry

Looking to showcase new and interesting limited-time beers for your customers to enjoy? Casks from UBC Group are the way to go!