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Cornelius Kegs

Cornelius kegs (aka “corny kegs”) are an excellent choice for homebrewers who need a reliable container to store and dispense their brew. Originally used as containers for soda, corny kegs have retained all of their best qualities since then - robust, all stainless steel body, simple mechanism, and extreme versatility.

UBC Group offers a solid choice of stackable Corny kegs for homebrewing. We are one of the biggest wholesale dealers of Cornelius kegs in Canada and always offer the best prices for our clients.

Feel free to browse our catalog to find the right model of Cornelius keg for your homebrewing needs. If you are not sure which keg to pick, please contact our sales representative for a professional consult and friendly advice.

What Is a Cornelius Keg?

Cornelius keg is essentially a stainless steel container designed for storing and dispensing beverages. Corny kegs were originally used by Coke and Pepsi before they switched to using boxes with plastic bags. After that happened, Corny kegs got picked up by homebrewers and their popularity has been growing ever since. Now, these kegs are produced specifically for home brewing needs and with homebrewers in mind.

Corny kegs can hold a maximum of 130 PSI and come in different sizes, the most common ones being:

  • 1.5-gallon (6 liters)
  • 2.5-gallon (10 liters)
  • 5-gallon (19 liters)

A typical Corny keg has a lid with a check valve and two posts: gas in and liquid out. These posts can use a ball-lock connection or a pin-lock connection, depending on the manufacturer of the keg.

How Does a Corny Keg Work?

The way a Corny keg works is really simple. Once you have the beer line and air line connected, the rest is just physics - CO2 comes into the keg via the “gas-in” post and pushes the beer out from the bottom via the “liquid-out post”. This simple design also provides for easier access inside the keg and faster cleaning.

Now you can see why Cornelius kegs have become so popular among homebrewers. They are super easy to use, maintain, and service - plus, you can always get the keg of the size that’s most suitable for your needs.

New Cornelius Kegs From UBC Group

We are one of the major suppliers and distributors of beer equipment in Canada and offer a great selection of Corny kegs, parts, and accessories.

Ordering Corny kegs from UBC Group means that:

  • You get no extra rates or hidden fees, only fair pricing - you only pay whatever’s quoted
  • Fast shipping all across Canada
  • Affordable pricing and great discounts
  • More than just kegs: we supply everything you need to store, dispense, and chill your favorite beverages
  • Our warranty for kegs is one of the best in the industry

We also provide keg customization and branding services to make your kegs stand out from the crowd and easy to find.

UBC Group has Corny kegs and Corny keg accessories for you to start enjoying your product fresh – anytime, anywhere!