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Schaefer Kegs

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  • A long history in the industry. Ever since 1937, Schaefer has been setting standards in the production of high-quality stainless-steel containers.

  • A name you can trust. Schaefer sells over 1,000,000 kegs each year and strives to continue innovating new products.

  • Schaefer kegs come with color-coded MicroMatic or DSI spears and fittings manufactured in Europe.

  • Schaefer kegs sold in Canada are manufactured with stackable chimes, making handling and storing easier.

  • Schaefer kegs are plasma-jet welded providing the highest possible level of biological safety.

  • Schaefer specially designed comfort grip handles are made to reduce the strain associated with handling kegs.

  • Schaefer kegs are manufactured from TRUE 304 stainless-steel in Europe.

  • Schaefer kegs are professionally pickled and passivated to ensure the best beverage tasting experience for years to come.

  • Schaefer's Eco-kegs are 15 to 30% lighter than regular stainless-steel kegs of same size.

  • Schaefer kegs come standard with a safety burst disc.

  • Schaefer offers a wide range of keg technologies including stainless-steel, eco-friendly polyurethane coated kegs.

  • Schaefer kegs in Canada are more competitively priced than other European kegs.

  • UBC Canada offers more than kegs! We can supply you with everything you need to store, dispense & chill more of your great product.

  • Our keg branding & customizations are done in Canada to ensure you receive the fastest possible service.

  • Receive great incentives! UBC offers free keg caps*, discounts on beer parts, equipment and much more with the purchase of kegs.

  • UBC Canada provides one of the best warranties in the industry for all kegs.

  • We provide fast shipping to any part of Canada from our warehouses in Ontario and BC.

  • Our rates contain no extra or hidden fees – the quoted price is all you pay.

  • Be treated as a friend. We pride ourselves on providing great service and view our customers as friends rather than numbers.

  • We are truly passionate about beer & have been helping Canadian breweries sell more beer since 2004.

Schaefer is one of the most well-known names in keg manufacturing. Since 1978, Schaefer has been setting standards in the production of top-quality beer and wine kegs and other beverage containers.

Now, you have a chance to get European Schaefer kegs for your bar, pub, or restaurant. They are that good, that reliable, and that affordable.

Get the wholesale price on new beer kegs from the leading Canadian distributor and service provider - UBC Group. Browse our catalog to find the right model of stainless steel keg for your draft beer setup.

If you are not sure which model to choose, contact our sales representative for a professional consult and friendly advice

Types of Schaefer Sanke Kegs We Offer

Although Schaefer offers multiple types of sanke kegs for various needs, there are three main ones designed for storing and dispensing beer.

  • SUDEX kegs

A classic stainless-steel keg made of 304 steel, this is what you’d expect from a beer keg: strong body, durable top and chime to withstand being dropped, and a comfort grip handle for easier transportation. These kegs are plasma-jet welded, which makes them very strong and durable.

We offer Schaefer SUDEX kegs in 3 sizes - 50-liter, 30-liter, and 20-liter. All sizes are stackable and equipped with US Sankey D-type coupler fitting.

  • ECO kegs

An innovation in keg design, ECO kegs are advantageous as being Schaefer’s most economical style of keg. Unlike the SUDEX model, they are not 100% stainless steel, as the top and bottom chimes are made of polypropylene.

The chimes are easily replaceable, come in a variety of colours and are lightweight, which makes ECO kegs great not only for beer but also wine and soft drinks. Because each keg is lighter overall, they can help reduce the total weight of a packed skid providing both a cost effective and eco-friendly advantage. Coming in two major varieties (50-liter and 20-liter), these kegs are stackable and feature a D fitting.

  • PLUS kegs

PLUS kegs come encased in polyurethane, which offers a distinctive look and makes them extremely robust. A variety of colours with a logo added on make these kegs stand out from the rest. Because of the PU-jacket, PLUS kegs are quieter and have a shock absorbency feature to offer an optimal storage solution for beer, wine or cider.

Sizes of Kegs

In addition to the different types listed above, Schaefer kegs come in a variety of sizes for your convenience. Here are the main ones.

Sudex kegs sizes

Size/volume Height (inches) Diameter (inches) Weight (lbs)
20 liters (⅙ barrel) 23.23 9.17 12.35
30 liters (¼ barrel) 23.23 11.14 17.42
50 liters =20.94 16.06 27.78

Eco kegs sizes

Size/volume Height (inches) Diameter (inches) Weight (lbs)
20 liters (⅙ barrel) 21.18 9.41 7.94
50 liters 20.94 16.02 21.38

Plus kegs sizes

Size/volume Height (inches) Diameter (inches) Weight (lbs)
20 liters (⅙ barrel) 22 9.25 15
50 liters 23.62 15.55 27.12

How Much Do Kegs Cost in Canada?

Since we serve primarily wholesale customers, you need to be a registered user (if not, please create an account now) to get prices for our Schaefer empty kegs for sale. Alternatively, you can send a product inquiry (can be found at the bottom of a product page) to learn how much are kegs.

However, we can assure you that being a large distributor of draft beer equipment allows us to guarantee our clients some really good offers and competitive prices. Plus, we ship beer kegs to Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Quebec and other cities in Canada.

Beer Kegs for Sale in Canada From UBC Group

Wondering where to buy kegs in Canada? We are one of the major distributors of stainless steel kegs in Canada and offer a wide range of their products. Ordering Schaefer beer kegs from UBC Group means:

  • Upfront pricing  no hidden fees or additional cost
  • Fast shipping all across Canada
  • Great incentives from Schaefer  free keg caps, discounts on beer parts, equipment, and more

We not only offer beer kegs for sale but also provide keg customization and branding services to make your stainless steel kegs stand out from the crowd and easy to find.

When it comes to buying high quality Schaefer kegs, look no further than UBC Group – we’ve been helping Canadian breweries to sell more beer since 2004!