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Branded Keg Portfolio

Sometimes a standard keg is not enough and you want to customize it by adding your logo or brand colors. It helps your kegs to stand out from the rest of the keg crowd and make it easier to identify them for theft-prevention purposes.

UBC Group provides a wide range of keg branding and customization services in Canada for all types of kegs. Feel free to browse our customization options and be sure to check our catalog of kegs & keg accessories.

If you are not sure which kegs customization options to choose, please contact our sales representatives for a professional consult and friendly advice.

What Is Keg Customization?

Keg customization is a process of marking kegs with a company logo or image pattern to make them easily identifiable and recognizable. There are a number of reasons why your brewery may need to have its keg fleet customized:

  • to increase your brand recognition
  • to make your kegs stand out
  • to prevent potential keg theft

Custom branding will easily identify your kegs in a crowded cooler and help your customers to associate them with your brand.

Types of Keg Customization

We offer four main types of keg customization, depending on your stylistic preferences and the type of keg.

 Colored Rings

Minimalistic and stylish, colored rings are a great way to dress your keg fleet in your brand colors. The color coding is applied directly to the keg in accordance with your specifications.


Embossing adds a fine touch to a keg without altering its appearance that much. Typically, we emboss the brand name onto the top chime of a keg, between each of the handles.

We do embossing only on 100% stainless steel kegs using a standard font. Each keg has a maximum number of characters that can fit between the handles, the exact amount can be provided by a sales rep.

 Silk printing

If you wish to have your brand name and logo reproduced identically on the side of a keg, go with silk printing. With this type of customization, you can have any image or lettering printed onto a keg, which makes it visible from any distance and instantly recognizable.

 Electrochemical etching

Electro etching gives a “burn-in” effect of your logo on the side of a keg, created by an electric current. This will certainly add a bit of character to your kegs!

Keg Customization Services from UBC Group

We provide full keg customization and branding services for all of our kegs and guarantee the best quality of work. Customized kegs from UBC Group look sharp for years to come. We also offer keg service and repairs on kegs that have seen better days, to get them back into circulation.

To have your kegs customized and learn more about the terms and prices, please contact our sales representatives with your branding ideas, and we’ll take it from there. We will advise you on the best customization options and help you to create and finalize your design before committing it to print.