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Keg Caps

Keg caps are designed to protect the keg valve and prevent dirt from getting inside. Coming in a variety of colors, they are also good for marking purposes and help you to identify the kegs easier.

UBC Group is your reliable keg cap supplier in Canada as we offer a wide choice of keg caps for breweries. Feel free to browse our catalog to find the caps that are right for your kegs.

If you are not sure which caps to pick, please contact our sales representative for a professional consultation and friendly advice.

How Are Keg Caps Used?

Keg caps play an important role in keeping your kegs and the beer inside them clean. Made of tough plastic, they protect the valve from dust and dirt while also helping you to mark different kegs with different-colored caps for identification purposes.

Keg caps come in two main varieties:

  • Vented keg caps (to prevent the mold build-up in the valve)
  • Non-vented keg caps (simple dust keg caps to protect the keg from dust)

The keg caps we offer are made in Europe and designed for use with US Sankey D-type and S-type closures. For a safer approach, you can get a tamper-evident keg cap, which will help to keep your keg valves from ever being exposed until the point they make it to their destination.

Keg Caps Bulk From UBC Group

We are one of the major suppliers and distributors of beer equipment in Canada and offer the best price for vented keg caps and dust keg caps. Our minimum order is 500 units and the available colors are green, red, yellow, blue, black, and white. To see the prices on the website, please create an account or reach out to UBC Group directly.

Ordering keg caps from UBC Group means that you get:

  • No extra rates or hidden fees - only fair pricing
  • Fast shipping all across Canada
  • Affordable pricing and great discounts
  • More than just caps: we supply everything you need to store, dispense, and chill your favorite beverages
  • Our warranty is one of the best in the industry

So if you’re still looking where to buy good-quality keg caps from manufacturer, go with UBC Group - we have been helping Canadian breweries and homebrewers to sell more beer since 2004!