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Financing Options

Financing options


Brewery/beverage company wishes to purchase equipment from UBC Group. If the cost over $5,000 CAD, they are eligible for leasing and the process to approval begins.


Customer fills out the Lease Link credit application and submits it to a UBC Sales Representative. Approval for leasing is based on the credit rating of the business applying and approval is given within 24 hours.


The lease terms are agreed upon and the customer receives their equipment after sending their first payment.
The customer continues to make monthly payments over the duration of the agreed upon terms.


That's it!

Equipment financing made easy for brewers looking for kegs, glycol chillers, and more through a leasing program!

UBC Group Canada has partnered with equipment leasing company Lease Link to provide leasing options for breweries and beverage companies who are looking to purchase needed equipment, but do not currently have the immediate financial capabilities to do so.

Leasing equipment grants the customer the opportunity to receive it when needed, and have more financial freedom by only having a monthly fee over a payment period until the amount is paid off. When the terms are up and the equipment is paid off, the customer assumes full ownership of the product(s).

Case Scenario:

“Example Brewery” is looking to purchase 100 kegs, at $100 each – for a total of $10,000 plus taxes. They submit a credit application and a response for approval is given within 24 hours.

Below is an example of what the terms look like:

2 YEAR Option:

  • Lessee: Example Brewery
  • Equipment Cost: $10,000.00 plus taxes
  • First Monthly Payment: $495.35 plus taxes
  • 23 Remaining Payments @ $495.35 plus taxes
  • First upon signing.
  • End of Lease Term: $10.00 Buyout at end of term
    • Rates are competitive; usually between 6 – 9%
    • Terms can be between 2 – 5 years
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