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20 of the best reasons
to buy schafer kegs in Canada

  • A long history in the industry. Ever since 1937, Schaefer has been setting standards in the production of high-quality Stainless Steel containers

  • A name you can trust. Schaefer sells more than a 1,000,000 kegs each year and strides to continue innovating by creating even more compelling products!

  • Schaefer kegs come with color-coded MicroMatic or DSI spears and fittings manufactured in Europe!

  • Schaefer kegs sold in Canada are manufactured with stackable chimes, making handling and storing easier!

  • Schaefer kegs are plasma-jet welded which is the basis for the highest possible level of biological safety!

  • Schaefer specially designed comfort grip handles are made to reduce the strain associated with handling kegs!

  • Shaefer kegs are manufactured from TRUE 304 Stainless Steel in Europe!

  • Kegs are professionally passivated & pickled to ensure the best beverage tasting experience for years to come!

  • Schaefer's line of Eco-kegs are up to 15 to 30% lighter than regular Stainless Steel kegs of same size!

  • For added safety, all Schaefer kegs come standard with a safety burst disc located on the bottom of the keg!

  • Schaefer offers a wide range of keg technologies including Stainless Steel, Eco & Polyurethane coated kegs!

  • Schaefer kegs in Canada are more competitively priced than other European kegs

  • UBC Canada is much more than just kegs! We can supply you with everything you need to store, dispense & chill more of your great product!

  • All of our keg branding & customizations are performed in Canada to ensure you receive the fastest possible service!

  • Purchase Schaefer kegs and receive great incentives! UBC offers free keg caps*, discounts on beer parts, equipment & much more with the purchase of kegs!

  • UBC Canada provides one of the best warranties in the industry for all kegs.

  • We provide fast shipping to any part of Canada from our warehouses in Ontario!

  • Our rates contain no extra or hidden fees. We believe in being fair so the quoted price is all you pay!

  • Be treated as a friend. We pride ourselves on providing great service. That's why we view our customers more as friends than numbers!

  • We are truly passionate about beer & have been helping Canadian breweries sell more beer since 2004!